WordPress LogoAre you stuck with a website where just one of the following applies?

  • Have to contact your web designer to update it
  • Use a beast of a content manager – 99% of which you don’t use or understand
  • Use a small content manager, which you can only change text or add a photo
  • Can’t choose another template to use yourself
  • Can’t add in support for calendars or audio or video, etc.
  • Are scared of updating your website for fear of crashing or deleting it

You definitely need to consider using WordPress for your website!

You may have heard of WordPress but you probably think it’s just for blogging and that’s not for you. If you haven’t heard of it before, or do think it’s still just for bloggers’ websites, then read on. You will be pleasantly surprised.

What a lot of people don’t realise is when WordPress added the ability to add and edit Pages (rather than just blog Posts), it became a serious Content Management System (CMS). It doesn’t mean that it’s not used to blog, but you can ignore the blogging part, or integrate blog easily into your website in future.

And the very best part of WordPress? It’s FREE!goto top

The Advantage of WordPress

Easy Editing: Because WordPress was designed as a blogging tool, it’s already optimised for frequent updating of content and it’s easy to do. You don’t have to know anything about HTML (the language of the web) and uploading photos, adding a page or two, changing the style of the page from 1 column to 3 columns (if your template allows), is a breeze.

Pre-Optimised for Search Engines: Google describes WordPress as “made to do SEO well”. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation: Getting it right is the mother load of good web practice as it gives you a higher Google Ranking in search results. All of this great SEO practise is already built into WordPress.

Millions of Themes or Design Your Own: Don’t like the theme (template) you’ve got? No matter, because there are literally millions of themes out there to choose from – from free up to a couple of hundred dollars. Or you could ask us to design or change a theme for you around your company’s own current branding or website. WordPress has around 1,200 themes on their website alone but a Google search for “WordPress Themes” brings up another 63,300,000 page results!

Plugins: Plugins are what make WordPress very special! All 11,000 of them are free and all of them can be downloaded and activated within seconds from within your WordPress administration pages. Or you can browse the complete WordPress Plugin Directory. Plugins give you the ability to extend your website using polls, calendars, ratings, forms, audio streaming, Twitter feed, photo galleries, etc., etc., etc.

Open Source Software: Because WordPress is open source (all the code is published for free so any developer can change or add to it), NM Consulting can do any significant design or plugin changes for you.goto top

WordPress Software v WordPress Accounts

There are two ways of using WordPress:

  • Download the software from wordpress.org then upload & install the software  to your own domain name
  • Setup an account on wordpress.com and use a sub domain (or pay $15 per year to use your own domain name
Table 1: Comparison between WP Software v WP Account
Product: Pros Cons
Download Software
  • Complete control over the look and feel of your website
  • Install any plugin or theme
  • Requires hosting with MySQL database and backups*
  • Need to upload/install the software*
Setup WP Account
  • Easiest way to get started
  • Hosting is free
  • Can use own domain name (US$15 charge per year)
  • Limited amount of themes to choose from
  • Cannot install plugins
  • Adverts are sometimes shown on your website

* Services provided by NM Consulting

For complete control and the ability to install plugins (which is what makes WordPress so good), it is recommended to go down the Download route.goto top

Any Questions?

Get in touch and we’ll answer any questions you have about using WordPress.