Tracy Stark

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Singer and music teacher, Tracy Stark, needed a website to promote both her music and tuition.

This was achieved using a WordPress website where Tracy can easily add blog entries, albums and video via YouTube. The website includes 30 second sample tracks, edited by NM Consulting and streamed from the web server.

The website is continually changing, with student photographs being added, while links to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and iLike were also added as menu items, allowing visitors to share Tracy’s work through social networking.

You Think it: Niki Makes It

Niki has the unique ability to be able to conceptualise and realise exactly what it is your website needs to be, and exactly how you imagine you would like it. Only when you get the final product do you realise that Niki’s made it better than you hoped or envisaged.

On top of getting a really stylish design, Niki builds you a user-friendly website linked to every cyber space you need to be linked to and it all works effortlessly. There is always something special and creative added to her websites – an innovative design feature or the latest must-have bit of technological wizardry – that gives her the edge over other designers and web-developers.

Niki is the one person a control freak can hand a job over to and trust it is in capable hands!

Dr Tracy Stark, Songworks Music School